Welcome Jackie Sortino – Team Triumph’s Newest Coach

Jackie SartinoPlease help me give a warm Team Triumph welcome to our team’s newest coach, Jackie Jack Sortino! Despite struggling with her weight much of her adult life because of medications for epilepsy, she maintains an intensely positive attitude. I’ve known Jackie for a little more than 5 months now and I’m always inspired by her desire to improve herself and encourage others both in and outside of our Challenge Group. Jackie controls her seizures through daily exercise and positive changes in her nutrition (no gluten or dairy). She’s just started FOCUS T25 and Vegan Chocolate Shakeology, and is ON FIRE to make even more positive changes in herself and others by becoming a Team Beachbody Coach. Welcome Jackie!!!

To make Jackie your FREE fitness and nutrition coach, just click HERE.

Author: Coach Britt

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