Trainer or Coach?

I thought this was such a great explanation of the difference between a personal trainer and a coach posted by the folks at Spartan Race, that I wanted to share it here as well:

"Being a coach is different than being a trainer. A trainer develops exercise and conditioning programs to help clients reach their physical fitness goals. A trainer will also work one on one with clients during their workouts. A coach may do some of the same activities but takes it one step further and acts as guiding light to help their clients attain a better life beyond just fitness. We think exercise is a critical component, but we like the idea of a holistic approach that blends the lines between the physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, and social wellness.

This isn't some far out, oddball approach to life. It is real life. It is living.

Physical activity should be part of daily life, for the people who are looking for the "magic bullet" or "fountain of youth" they can stop because it has been in front them the whole time. It is exercise [and good nutrition]. People need to move out of their comfort zones, explore new horizons, and challenge themselves mentally."

Team Beachbody isn't just a company that makes exercise programs, nutritional products and a skin care line. Our coaches are not sales people or "distributors". Team Beachbody coaches are a community of like-minded individuals sharing the exhilaration of fitness, nutrition, wellness and reaching goals. "Being coached is more than just training, it covers every aspect of life and really transforms us into better humans." If you are looking to transform your life, contact one of our Team Triumph Coaches.

Author: Coach Britt

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