There’s no better time than NOW to become a Team Beachbody – Team Triumph Coach!

Hey Team!

There’s BIG NEWS for November. Contact me directly for additional details and with any questions ASAP.

If you have ever thought about becoming a Team Beachbody Coach, NOW is the absolutely BEST TIME to sign up.

Here’s why:

1. For YOU and for those You Care About…

I originally became a coach simply because I wanted the benefit of the 25% discount off EVERYTHING I purchased from Beachbody. It didn’t take long, however, for me to realize that even at the VERY BEGINNING of my fitness journey a couple of years ago, I was in a BETTER PLACE TO HELP PEOPLE with no idea of how to get started or what to do than nearly everyone around me…friends, family, co-workers, folks from my church, parents at my children’s school, etc. That’s when I decided it was time for me to start PAYING IT FORWARD…and I’m so glad I did!

THIS is the time of the year that people start to SLIP. Halloween is all about CANDY…then we load up on TURKEY AND FIXINS at Thanksgiving…and then there are the Holidays (more eating rich foods, COOKIES, CAKES AND PIE)…and then two more “candy holidays”: Valentine’s Day and Easter. Before you know it, we hit springtime, look in the mirror and get depressed that we’re nowhere NEAR where we need to be before bathing suit season. That muffin top has grown and our pants are tight!

I say let’s END THAT TREND and start taking care of ourselves and HELPING THOSE AROUND US do the same by entering THIS Holiday season with an entirely DIFFERENT ATTITUDE. BECOME A TEAM BEACHBODY COACH and together let’s start getting fit NOW and invite the folks that are CLOSE TO US to join us in that journey right from DAY ONE.

As an added BONUS, active coaches receive FREE customer referrals from Beachbody, and the VOLUME of new customers they get come Christmas and the first of January because of New Year’s Resolutions is HUGE. Many of YOU were introduced to me this way. I am passionate about helping folks achieve their health and fitness goals. As a coach who is actively out there reaching out and working to grow our team, create new success stories, change lives and pay it forward each and every day, it’s great when our efforts are supplemented in a BIG way by the company who’s products we personally use and recommend. There’s literally NO BETTER TIME THAN NOW to get started in coaching. Don’t miss out!

Sign up NOW to become a Coach:

2. Did someone say FREE TICKET to the Coach Summit 2013 in Las Vegas?!?!

For the month of November, any Coach that earns 5 “Success Club” points (or more) will earn a FREE TICKET ($225 value) to #CoachSummit 2013 in Las Vegas. Check it out at I went for the first time this past June and HAD AN INCREDIBLE TIME. You want to DO WHATEVER YOU CAN TO BE THERE. And if you can earn yourself a FREE TICKET, all the better! 😉

Details here:

No idea what a Success Club point is? Don’t worry…I’ll explain everything. Become a coach this week, start (or join my) Challenge to get fit by January with 3 of your friends and you’re there!

3. Getting started has never been easier or CHEAPER!

When you purchase a Challenge Pack (or if you have EVER purchased a Challenge Pack), the normal $39.95 coach sign-up fee is waived. How many businesses let you get started for FREE and with no inventory costs, overhead or required purchases? You’ll get the opportunity to buy your own Challenge Pack for a discounted price (up to $45 off) during the online coach enrollment process.

4. I’m going to Help You!

Step 1 – Register to become a Team Beachbody Coach for Team Triumph (Britt Weber Fitness) ASAP

Step 2 – I’ll get an email confirmation and reach out to you with information on how to get off to a Fast Start using duplicable methods I and other successful coaches use to grown their businesses.

Step 3 – I am planning a Team Triumph Coaches call for all new and any current coaches interested in tips on how you can achieve Success Club in November mid next week. Details to follow for those who sign-up.

To your good health,

Britt Weber

Diamond Team Beachbody Coach
P90X Certified Trainer
Leader, Team Triumph

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