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Just a quick update on the FOCUS T25 Challenge Group that started July 8th. A dozen of you accepted my challenge and began pressing play to the new FOCUS T25 workout from Beachbody. EVERYONE is unanimously loving these short, 25 minute workouts…me included. It’s not too late to join. Just reach out to me. It’s FREE! No more excuses.

Interaction in our closed Facebook support/challenge group has been great. There’s something really cool about so many people all doing the same workouts every day…providing feedback…asking questions…sharing triumphs and challenges.

More about the FOCUS T25 program and challenge:


ALPHA: CARDIO – Day 1 of the Team Triumph FOCUS T25 Challenge. T25: Alpha Cadio done. Can’t say I “nailed it” LOL. 15 minutes in I was wishing the timer read 2:00. Seriously though, great, challenging workout. Tania (from Insanity) front right stage showing lower impact modifications. I didn’t personally do the mods but I will confess to about 4 2-second pauses to catch my breath. Otherwise gave T and Scott a decent run for their money Felt today’s workout most in my quads, calves, and, of course, my elevated heart rate. Strongly suggest a heart rate monitor to make sure you’re staying in a safe HR zone if you’re doing or plan to do a workout program like T25. Have a GREAT workout today gang. I want to read about your experiences as well.



ALPHA: SPEED – Day 2 of our T25 challenge is in the books. This workout had a little bit of everything: burpees, martial arts, speed, flexibility…even a little hop hop 😉 Completely drenched by the end just like yesterday!!! I really liked how this workout ramped quickly into high gear and stretching was sandwiched between the early, high intensity moves to give you just enough rest to nail it in the next set. Perfection.
Day 2

Day 3

ALPHA: TOTAL BODY CIRCUIT –  HOLY MOTHER OF ALL T25 WORKOUTS!!! Whoa! Fat crying all over the place. I was still DRIPPING in sweat 15 minutes after this little 25 minutes of Heaven was over! Wow! So challenging. Sooo much roommm for improvement! I guarantee when you finish this workout…modified moves or high intensity…you’ll feel like you can do ANYTHING! Well, maybe after a shower and a nap…but ANYTHING! LOL 😉 Get it done team and then tell me about YOUR workout.

t25 day3


ALPHA: AB INTERVALS – Our Team Triumph FOCUS T25 Challenge continues. Day 4 – Alpha: Ab Intervals. This was a nice, challenging ab workout and a welcome relief (if you can call it that) from the craziness yesterday of the Total Body Circuit. I did this one early this morning and I’m already feeling it.  My TIPS for this workout to get the MOST out of it are: (1) FOCUS on your form. ShaunT gives some really great cues. I know I almost constantly have to think about how I’m holding my head when I work abs…keep you neck straight and aligned with your body as much as possible! (2) CONTROL. Throughout each movement, be in control…it requires more energy, slows you down a bit and increases Time Under Tension. (3) Give each workout 100%  The picture on the left is of me kinda doin’ it, but not REALLY. Sure I felt tension in my abs, but the picture on the right shows me extending as far as I can to touch my toes, hips and shoulders off the mat. That over several reps produced a great BURN. Have a great one!  What was your #WOD?

Day 4 Focus T25 Ab Intervals


ALPHA: LOWER FOCUS + ALPHA: CARDIO (double workout Friday) – Not gonna lie gang. Day 5’s DOUBLE workout, ALPHA:Lower Focus + ALPHA: Cardio back-to-back is HARD WORK. And if you’re not modifying, I’d put this combo right up there with some of the most challenging advanced workouts I’ve done. My heart rate monitor is toast, so I couldn’t track calories burned, but I’d say it was AT LEAST 800 between the two workouts. Maybe more. Feedback on my first attempt at the ALPHA: Lower Focus workout is simple…BURN BABY BURN. Your quads will be on fire for most of the 25 minutes. Revel in that change this workout will make to your body. Push through each set. Don’t QUIT until Shaun T says stop. The work begins when you get TIRED. TIP: If you’re too tired after Lower Focus to do the Cardio workout, do it later in the day or even the next day. Either modification of the schedule is fine. Have fun and GET IT DONE!

t25 day 5

Day 6 – STATurday / REST DAY

Really enjoyed this day off and the reports of PROGRESS that streamed into our private Facebook challenge group.

One week into our free FOCUS T25 accountability group and this team of folks is killin’ it! Inches and pounds are dropping. I attribute this 100% to the intensity and effectiveness of these short, 25 minute workouts and a nutrition plan that is VERY simple to follow. Food prep is short, there are no more than 5 ingredients in each recipe, and the food tastes fantastic! Well done Beachbody and Shaun T!

Folks are loving these workouts. They’re intense, but so short they are done before your brain really has much of a chance to complain LOL. There’s also Tania on every DVD demo’ing modified lower intensity moves so ANYONE can do these workouts!!!

I’ve had several requests from folks asking to be added to the group even though it already started last Monday so here’s what I’m going to do: through 7/31 while you can still get the FOCUS T25 Challenge Packs from Beachbody for something like $90 off regular price, I’m going to OPEN enrollment back up. Comment on this post or message me at FB/brittweberfitness to be added. Get your challenge pack at: You must be a (FREE) member of Team Triumph to join the Group. I’m happy to answer any questions you might have.


Pressed play and did the ALPHA: STRETCH workout. Didn’t actually realize how TIGHT I’d gotten after only 5 days of FOCUS T25 until I went through this routine. So worth it! Don’t skip the STRETCH DVD unless you plan on doing yoga or some other form of flexibility and recovery work. Your body NEEDS this. Capped off the day at a local family sports venue called Sky Zone for an hour of trampoline fun (and WORK) with my kids.


Day 8

ALPHA: CARDIO…enough said. 😉 Actually able to push harder this week as I’m becoming more familiar with the movements and sequence (which are all easy…I’m just SLOW LOL). Great BURN. Dripping in sweat after only a few minutes. Crazy how much work you do in just 25 minutes!

day 8 alpha cardio

Day 9

ALPHA: TOTAL BODY CIRCUIT – My butt was SERIOUSLY dragging this morning, but I limited hitting the SNOOZE to just one tap ;). I can’t tell you on a morning like this how much a pre-workout like Energy & Endurance can be a LIFE SAVER. After about 20 minutes I could feel my whole body was awake and ready to destroy Total Body Circuit! Giddyup! General consensus last week was that Total Body Circuit was the toughest single workout and I have to agree.

Man! This workout delivers! I increased the stakes a little today since this was my second time going through the workout by adding 2# weights to my hands for all the jab and hook movements. That really added to the burn I got in my shoulders. Overall, great total body circuit workout. Heart racing. Muscles fatiguing to failure. Mission accomplished. TIP: the shoulder tap push-up sequence is TOUGH. If you think you cant go on, go into child’s pose for 2-3 breaths and then jump right back in to the sequence where you left off. No more than 2-3 breaths though or you’re slacking ;).

Was actually feeling like I had a TON of energy late in the evening (…and I’ll admit I had a little something with my dinner that was NOT on my meal plan and so I was feeling the need to burn off a few extra calories…) so I did a SECOND ROUND of TOTAL BODY CIRCUIT before bed. Wow! It took me a long time to calm my body down enough to sleep after that! Next time I get the idea to do “doubles”, I’ll make sure it’s earlier in the evening. GREAT, great workout.

day 9 total body circuit

Day 10

ALPHA: SPEED 1.0 – Yep…crushed it. 😉 Intense workout but not bananas. Awesome sweat and burn, and paced well. Also really like the mix of plyo, martial arts moves, progressive Heismans, and speed.


Day 11

ALPHA: CARDIO – Same…same. Sweat & burn. Get it done!!!

Day 12

ALPHA: LOWER and ALPHA: AB INTERVALS – This DOUBLE workout Friday is challenging but awesome all at the same time. LOWER sets your legs on fire and the AB INTERVALS torches your mid-section. Great combo. Workout. Refuel. Repeat. Don’t skip your nutrition!!!

day 12

Day 13

REST DAY – I frequently post pictures of myself doing the workouts I love, but it’s been a really long time since this was about me. Every day I enjoy spending time in my Facebook challenge groups, on the phone and swapping messages with dozens of great people…many of whom I’ve met here and on Instagram…who made a commitment to change their lives through exercise and better nutrition. They found their “Why”, made a decision to take action, connected with a coach (me!) and plugged-in. I’m so proud of these folks. My challengers TRULY ROCK!!! The energy in our groups is so motivating and supportive. Every single person knows they’re not in this alone…even though we live in many different places around the country and even the world. So today’s post is a message to my awesome Challengers: THANK YOU for inviting me along in your journey. Keep bringing it! There’s nothing you can’t accomplish.

Team Triumph Challengers Rock

Day 14

ALPHA: STRETCH – Can’t believe my team and I are already 14 days into FOCUS T25. I could get used to this 25 minutes-a-day thing LOL. Pounds and inches are still dropping. I can feel myself getting leaner and stronger. Today was ALPHA: Stretch. Such a simple workout but it works all the muscles you change so much all week, especially the lower body. Really look forward to this one.

day 14 stretch

Day 15

ALPHA: TOTAL BODY CIRCUIT – TBC done! Man, that’s the one workout that HASN’T gotten easier yet LOL. Not sure which are harder, the plank progressions (pike, spider, etc) or the shoulder tap push-up progressions? TIP: for the plank up moves (pikes, spiders, spider push-ups), PULL your feet toward your upper body, vs. PUSH off with your feet. This will work your lower abs more. Give it a try and you’ll see what I mean. Have a great workout today! Post below what YOUR workout is today and what’s the hardest part of it…the part you “presently struggle with”?


EVERYONE on the team is welcome to join our FREE T25 FB Challenge Group. If you WANT IN, just reach out to me ASAP.

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