Jessie S. Didn’t Let Her Hypothyroidism Stop Her from Losing 21 Pounds, and Go from Squishing into a Size 10 to a Size 2 with P90X

Jessie’s Story in her own words:

“May 2010 I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism.  I had gained 17 lbs in two months, was sleeping 14hours or more a day, and felt sad most of the time.  The once passionate and determined person I had been was beginning to disappear.  I had always made the excuse “I don’t have enough time”.  That changed when I decided that living like this was no longer an option for me.  I took different classes, bought exercise programs, and started running.  Over the summer I was able to lose a few lbs but was far from fitting back into my size 6 jeans and could not stick to working out consistently.  I injured my foot from trying to run too far, and too fast, in too short a time.

In the fall I bought Insanity from a neighbor.  I quickly fell in love with the workouts, despite the  buckets of sweat dripping down my face and feeling like my body had caught fire, I pushed through. I had to push pause a lot to catch my breath but I just kept going. I did not lose a lot of weight right away, though I became much more toned and had a lot more energy.  I started working with a coach who inspired and challenged me.  I got over my skepticism of Shakeology and tried it.  A week later I had to check the scale to make sure it was still working because I had lost four pounds in a week.  Two days before finishing the 60 day program I injured my knee and was unable to finish.

During the next couple of months I was not able to work out but I focused on my eating and disciplined myself to be much more strict and control my cravings.

In February I started P90X despite my injuries which had not been healed but had gotten better.  I started shrinking almost immediately, the numbers on the scale did not always show my improvements but my pants kept getting looser and looser.  I started visiting the store every month or so because I had dropped a size.  Even my wedding band became too big to ware anymore because my fingers were now skinny.  The workouts helped relieve a lot of stress and negative feelings and I began to feel more confident and enthusiastic.  I lost 21 pounds, went from squishing into a size 10 to a size 2.  I struggled to barely get my chin above the bar on the first day to being able to do 9 solid pull-ups in a row.  Though starting out on my knees for most of the pushups I can now get in 15 or more before I do knee push ups, and mason twists that made my abs feel like they were on fire the first week and my back hurt because my abs were not yet strong enough to hold me up.  I now do mason twists holding a 10lb dumbbell and do 2 sets of 40, one set with a dumbbell and one without.  Girls do not be afraid of lifting heavy weights!  I can lift up to 40lbs and I am far from bulky nor is my neck as thick as my waist.

Believe in yourself, imagine the specific details of what you will look like, how you will feel and how your life will be changed.  If you can do this, there is no reason what so ever that you cannot have an amazing life changing transformation.


Author: Coach Britt

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