Proud Dad – Setting a Positive Example for Our Kids

Sorry in advance for indulging to brag on my little monkeys, but I just can’t help writing about something that happened this morning. So my daughter comes down to the basement during my early morning workout, holds her arms up and says,”Daddy, I need to work on these. When we did a PE test at school last year I couldnt even do one pull-up.” I asked her to show me, and indeed she was right. I then pulled out the lightest band I had, tossed it over the pull-up bar and proceeded to show her how she could slowly work at making her back stronger, which would eventually enable her to do pull-ups. So I get her on her way and then unpause Diamond Delts. About 5 minutes later, my son stumbles down, hair pointing in every direction, and sees that both my daughter and I are working out and says, “Daddy, how can I make my legs stronger?” OooKkk 😉 so I paused my workout and showed him some lunges and squats and he got to work. So there we were, all three of us, blissfully working out in my small basement gym. What makes this hilarious, at least to me, is that my children are 9 and 6 respectively. They come down all the time during my morning workouts but have never previously been inclined to join me. Even if this doesn’t happen again for months or years, I love the fact that I’m now able to set a positive example for them thanks to the choice I’ve made to lead a healthy lifestyle. They’re watching…and learning.

Author: Coach Britt

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  1. Coach this is awesome stuff. We’ve seen over and over again the positive effects living a healthy lifestyle can have on our families and you are just one more great example of that. To you and your family keep Bringin’ It and Dig Deeper 🙂

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