Product Review: Suunto t6d Professional Wristop Training Computer

A lot of folks ask me which Heart Rate Monitor I use to track my workouts. This simple answer is: the Suunto t6d Professional Wristop Training Computer. Bufore Suunto I’d owned various Polar models, and while they worked fine, at the time they didn’t have all the features I came to realize that I wanted, and they also tended to last me only a year before needing to be replaced. I also wasn’t a big fan of the standard chest straps that came with them… They tended to slide down my torso during plyo, cardio and running routines unless I made them uncomfortably tight.

When I purchased mine back in 2010, I was looking for some pretty specific feaures. These included:

  • An interval timer
  • A countdown timer
  • Programability (most HRMs us pre-coded heart rate “Zones” based that are really not accurate for people that are “fit”)
  • Availability of Pods I could attach to a bike or a pair of sneakers to track additional workout metrics when I headed outside for supplemental, non-P90X training.
  • A downloadable or online tool that would allow me to track heart rate (max, min, avg.), heart rate zones, calorie burn, etc. throughout my workouts

A little about my particular Suunto from the manufacturer:

Suunto t6d – Stay in tune with your body

Reaching your goals can be tough. It takes the right tools, knowledge, and guidance to be able to improve with each training session. Use your t6d and Suunto Dual Comfort Belt with the tools provided through to get a detailed analysis of seven physiological parameters, with accuracy previously available only in sports laboratories. This detailed analysis breaks down nearly every aspect of your training so you can make adjustments of how to train more efficiently in the future.

Easily check your real-time Training Effect for an accurate measure of how hard your body’s working, and quickly adjust your workout as needed. The Suunto t6d also gives you a read-out of your EPOC – your excess post-exercise oxygen consumption level – which lets you measure and adjust your training loads to ensure that your body is safely getting the most from each workout.

Use the altimeter to monitor your climbing or hill performance to know how your body will react when training at various altitudes.

Securely pair your t6d and Dual Comfort Belt – through interference-free digital ANT transmission – to monitor your real-time heart rate and calorie consumption, or pair it with an optional POD to measure your real-time speed, distance, or cadence.

Reaching your goals can be easier – analyze your workouts with pinpoint accuracy and develop an optimal training regimen with the t6d.

Suunto t6d –

  • Get a comprehensive physiological analysis of your training on your computer
  • Monitor your real-time Training Effect and EPOC
  • Use the altimeter to monitor your hill and altitude performance
  • Measure your speed, distance, and cadence with optional Suunto PODs
  • Customizable screen layout for individual information needs
  • Use the included Suunto Dual Comfort
     to calculate real-time heart rate and calorie consumption
  • Comes with Suunto Dual Comfort Belt (compatible with most gym cardio
    equipment, the Suunto Fitness
     group exercise and all Suunto heart rate monitors)
  • Color options: Black Smoke, Black Fusion and Black Flame
  • Available also in Suunto Performance Packs – ready to go solutions with PODs
    for running and multisport

The Suunto t6d is admittedly a bit pricey at $383.00, but buying at saved me $46 off the listed retail price, and I got free shipping. It does everything I want and more. The belt (below) is also very comfortable and doesn’t tend to slip like other belts I’ve used. The analytics are unmatched.

Screen capture from a workout earlier this year from


Comments and questions welcome. If you’re interested in buying this “training computer” (as it’s called), I’ve provided a link below to for your convenience.

To your good health.



Author: Coach Britt

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