Modify, Modify, Modify

For many of you familiar with one of my absolute favorite P90X One on One Volume 3 workouts, Chest, Back and Balls, it does actually require 4 medicine balls, a stability ball and a pull-up bar. That’s what was on the schedule this morning. The only problem was I’m out of town visiting family and have none of these things with me LOL!. As Tony says, it was time to, “Do [my] best and forget the rest”.  My son was up again early, so that meant another Dock Workout for me while he fished. 🙂

Given that I didn’t have any of the necessary equipment for this workout anyways (other than myself and gravity) , any old flat surface, preferably out of doors, was going to work just fine!

Clearly pull-ups weren’t going to happen, and I was going to have to “modify, modify, modify” given the absence of a stability and 4 medicine balls. As you can see from the photos below, I was able to make use of the things around me to effectively improvise the chest portion of the workout. All in all, I got in a great workout. Knowing I wasn’t doing any pull-ups, I just pushed harder and did more reps than usual on the various push-ups. It just goes to show again that you really CAN workout anywhere. The point is to just be in the room and DO IT! …or in this case, on the dock 😉

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Author: Coach Britt

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  1. So Awesome!!! Modification is key to stay on track while traveling!

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  2. For just a minute Britt I thought you were using turtles for your push ups:) I guess that would be modifying to the extreme.

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    • LOL Jim. Confirming no animals were harmed in the making of this post 😉

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