Get The Most Out of Your Workouts

I get this question ALL THE TIME. GREAT question!

  1. First, my number 1 secret weapon is that I drink Shakeology—daily! It fuels my body and helps energize my workouts.
  2. Start at your own pace and ability, but give every workout 100% effort. Don’t just “get through it”. Make the most of that hour!
  3. Workout consistently, 5 to 6 days every week.
  4. Drink LOTS of water. The amount varies for each person…drink enough so your urine is clear or nearly clear!
  5. Eat a diet RICH in organic vegetables and lean meats like organic free range chicken and wild caught fish
  6. Get enough sleep.
  7. Drink a recovery drink! 4:1 carbs to protein is ideal. My go to choice is the P90X Results & Recovery Formula…but I have to EARN those calories LOL!
  8. Don’t over train! Schedule 4 to 6 week workout blocks and then RECOVER for a week before moving on to your next block.
  9. Find a Challenge Group! You can’t beat the support and tips, and people in Challenge Groups are far more likely not only to FINISH their program but also get incredible results.
  10. Studies show people who are successful at controlling their weight have 3 things in common:

—They eat a healthy breakfast daily.

—They weigh themselves at least once a week.

—They exercise, on average, about 1 hour per day.

Author: Coach Britt

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