I Just Don’t Have TIME To Workout!

How many times have you said this to yourself? C’mon. Admit it. You’ve done it. Maybe not today, now that you’ve started on your path to a healthier you, but some time long long ago. Or maybe this is still you? Let’s face it, LIFE happens. We get busy with “stuff”. Work, kids, school, pets, hobbies, paying bills, taking out the garbage…watching television, Facebook…whatever.

Well, this isn’t a typical “make time” post. Nope. Not gonna do that to you today! But did you realize that in the time it took you to get on your computer, iPhone, iPad, or whatever to find this article and read it, you could have spent 10 minutes MOVING?

I workout every day. Exercise has just become a part of my lifestyle. Some days are definitely easier than others, but I make time early in the morning when the rest of my family is still sleeping. And that works MOST days, but not all. I run into an issue with time when I have to travel for business. The alarm buzzes at 5:00am, but instead of heading out to the garage for some exercise, I need to throw on a suit and head to the airport for an early flight to wherever. On days like that, it’s just impossible to find 60 or 90 minutes for a good workout. On those days I do my own version of a 10 minute workout…and the beautiful thing is that I can do it anywhere in my house, so it’s easy to clean up and get dressed and out the door immediately afterward.

What I do on super time crunched days is 10 or 15 minutes of non-stop UMAL (upper, middle, aerobic, lower). No equipment…just ME. Think some kind of push-up, Ab/core movement, jumping jack or run in place, and then a squat or split lunge movement… Then simply repeat until you run out of time.

Find time for some kind of movement every day…even if it’s only for a short while. Embrace working out the way you embrace eating and brushing your teeth and it will quickly become a part of your routine. And on those days where you’re super tight on time, just do SOMETHING. You’ll feel better for it. Good luck!

And if you think you can find 25 minutes a day, 5 days a week, I highly recommend ShaunT’s FOCUS T25. Yep…in just 25 minutes a day and eating right the other 23½ hours, you CAN get in the best shape of your life. Check it out!!

To your good health!

Coach Britt

Author: Coach Britt

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  1. Great Post Britt. I also work out early in the morning so there are no excuses as to why life got in the way. Great tips on what if your traveling and you really don’t have any time.

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  2. No excuses people! Next to what you’re putting in your body getting up and moving is the next most important thing. Gotta make time for it. Great post Britt!

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  3. Britt, this really kills any excuse there is to workout – You are right though, working out some days is tough but doesnt mean you cant do push ups and ab works and legs exercises. I would rather workout to my dvds of course but sometimes LIFE happens and we all have to modify!! I am like you its more of a lifestyle and if I dont workout then I feel like I haven’t done anything – I love to feel like I’ve worked hard and I just feel better after!!
    Coach Paul
    “DO WORK”

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  4. Great Post, Britt!
    I agree with the idea that there is ALWAYS 10 minutes to do something! ALWAYS. It’s all in the Attitude and the mental Focus. What’s more important, your Latte or Your Life?!! Gotta DECIDE.

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  5. Britt – Awesome post – love the idea about doing your own 10 min workout when you are strapped for time. I have to travel tomorrow and have a ton to do to get ready (both for work and to make sure Jeff is all set with the kids)…long story short, I told Jeff I was gonna bag my work out because I didn’t have time and it was “extra” – he told me to do it, that I would feel better – I won’t tell you what I told him, but in the end I did it – and I brought it. Sometimes all it takes is someone reminding you that there are no excuses and once you push play, you are golden. And thanks for the track back 😉

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