Gettin’ Dirty – Let The Journey Begin

Follow me over then next eight weeks as I prepare my body for the rigors of a Warrior Dash. I’m WAY ahead of things because the Georgia event is literally MONTHS away, but there’s no time like the present to get this old frame “battle ready”. Come learn the “ropes” along with me as I develop and modify my training regime. Getting the routine tested now will enable me to possible enter another race coming up sooner in the season AND work out any kinks before I get within 8 weeks of the actual event.

The core of my indoor training will utilize both the INSANITY and INSANITY: The Asylum programs from Beachbody. I’ll also be running on uneven and hilly terrain, with and without a weighted vest, and I’ll work on balance/ankle strengthening exercises to strengthen my ankles to avoid injury on race day. I’m also going to include two to three days a week of abs/core work from the P90X and P90X One on One programs in the mix.

Author: Coach Britt

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  1. I had a friend that did the warrior dash in Dallas not long ago and she said it was a killer. She has been doing P90X and I told her that Insanity would be better to prepare her for it, so I’ll be following you to see how your training goes, best of luck to you.

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    • Thanks Jim! This will be my first one and I’m psyched. Posting my 9 week Training Block tomorrow. Asylum is definitely the CORE of the schedule.

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