Team Triumph Group Challenge

  • Becoming fit isn't may be HARD, but it isn't COMPLICATED.

    What is your WHY?

    Go deep...and I mean DEEPER than you want to look HOT on that vacation you have coming up in a few months. 😉 I mean DEEP, as in WHY and for whom is your HEALTH a priority? And WHY now? Maybe you had a health scare, whether it was something that happened to you personally or maybe someone you know? Maybe you're just tired of not feeling right or not liking what you see in the mirror every day. Regardless of your reasons, your WHY will keep you going after the initial excitement of the challenge wears off...after you've been pushing play, eating right, and working hard for a few weeks and question whether you should continue. I and the rest of Team Triumph have your back!

    Our next FOCUS T25 Team Triumph Challenge Group begins October 7th and it's going to be off the charts! Who wants in?! Let me be your FREE coach and get in on this 25 minute a day, 5 days a week, 60 day life changing program.

    Our FIRST FOCUS T25 Challenge has been an overwhelming success. Here are just a few of the update pics I've posted on Instagram over the last 60+ days:

Comment below or message me at FB/brittweberfitness with questions and to be added. Again, we start on OCTOBER 7th!

For our October Challenge, the requirements are VERY SIMPLE:

  1. You must be a member of Team Triumph which means either I or one of my coaches is YOUR "official" Team Beachbody Coach. Membership is totally FREE. Your results will be up to YOU. I and my coaches will provide guidance, tips. recommendations, and of course accountability. One-on-one coaching is available for FREE to anyone who asks.
  2. You need to get a FOCUS T25 Challenge Pack (ALPHA & BETA cycle workout DVDs, Nutrition Guide and first month of Shakeology included)


25 minutes a day. Seriously. Thats it!!! No more excuses.

Are you already working out at the gym, crossfitting, running, doing yoga, or whatever and have hit a PLATEAU or simply lost motivation? Join us for something DIFFERENT for the next 90 days and see what AMAZING things will happen to your body in as few as 25 minutes a day. During the Challenge, you will:

    • Workout to FOCUS T25 5 days a week for 25 minutes a day. 
    • Eat right and in the right quantity of food. Combine daily exercise with clean eating and Shakeology every day and you WILL GET RESULTS.
    • Support breeds success. Your FREE membership in our private Team Triumph Challenge Group on Facebook gets you ongoing, daily access to me...coaching, motivation, accountability, check-ins, support from your teammates, and valuable tips from my own personal experience with these programs and as a P90X Certified Trainer.
    • Rewards. Enter the Team Beachbody Challenge for FREE for a chance to win $500 to $1000 monthly prizes, up to the top annual prize of $100,000!

Our Challenge Group participants have lost up to 100 pounds and more!!! What are YOUR goals?

You put in the WORK (exercise -and- nutrition) and I guarantee major results. The best part is if you don't get results you can return everything and get your money back! But YOU WILL get results! Failure is not an option!

CHANGE begins NOW. Become a Beachbody Success Story yourself. Become an inspiration to the people around you...your spouse, your friends, family, your co-workers...heck, even your kids! (They're watching and learning from YOUR EXAMPLE.)

People in Team Triumph Elite Challenge Groups have lost up to 40 pounds in just 90 over 100 pounds in 180 days. IMAGINE what YOU will look like 15...20...40...100lbs lighter! Imagine how you will FEEL!!??? In our Challenge Group, I teach you my secrets on how to eat healthy, lose weight, and get in the best shape of your life. I also provide you with motivation by hosting calls at least once a month to answer your questions and provide additional tips to get through all 90 days. Of course you have access to me DAILY in our private Facebook challenge group!

The coaching, support, motivation and membership in our online Facebook Challenge Group is COMPLETELY FREE! Did you know that an average of 75% of people who take on a new exercise and diet program by themselves don't finish? My challenge group success rate far exceeds that! I'm not happy unless you succeed! 

To be added to the Team Triumph Elite Challenge Group, you MUST commit to the following:

  1. Be a member of Team Triumph...this means that either I or another Team Triumph Coach is YOUR coach.*
  2. Be an ACTIVE participant in our PRIVATE Facebook Group...ask DAILY.
  3. Do your FOCUS T25 workouts a minimum of 5 days a week...make sure you check in with me so I can make sure you're on the right path to achieving your GOALS.
  4. Eat Clean. Cut out all the JUNK in your diet. Follow the direction of your Coach!
  5. "Friend" me on Facebook at and then post on my timeline (or sure to "tag" me), "Hey Coach! I'm ready. Sign me up!" and I will add you to our private Team Triumph FOCUS T25 Challenge Group group on Facebook.

The following are also HIGHLY RECOMMENDED in order to guarantee you hard work an commitment pay off over the 90 days of the Challenge:

  1. Order a FOCUS T25 GAMMA DVDs. After the core ALPHA and BETA cycles that come in the base kit and challenge packs comes GAMMA. A whole new level of ShaunT madness. I'm in GAMMA cycle right now myself and I'm LOVING IT!

Still not sure if your up to the Challenge or if YOU can GET RESULTS? Check out these other Team Beachbody Challenge winners' before and after pictures and see for yourself that CHALLENGE 



 T25 Challenge Pack includes the FOCUS T25 Program and Materials discounted with FREE shipping, as well as your first month of Shakeology.

Or you can order just the T25 program by itself.



The only thing that stands between you and the results you want is time. That’s why I experimented for the last year to see if I could create the same kind of results you’d expect from an hour-long program, in under 30 minutes.


The result is FOCUS T25–and the name implies the intent: If you focus your intensity for 25 minutes, and you do it 5 days a week, you WILL get results.


Yes, you are working out for less time. But since you have your shorts on, since you have your sneakers on, and you managed to Push Play, I’m just asking you to give it everything you’ve got, for ONLY 25 minutes. You focus, and you go! 25 minutes. 5 days a week. 100% results.


And there are major university studies out there that prove the value of shorter, more intense workouts. But I’ll save that for later. The only question now is, do you want to be one of the first to see these routines and what kind of results you can get? The answer is yes, because these routines were created at the specific request of Beachbody® CEO Carl Daikeler. The guy’s got no time, and he personally reviewed every detail so he could make T25 HIS personal program.


Don’t miss the biggest breakthrough in health and fitness since Insanity.

—Shaun T

Don’t miss the biggest breakthrough in health and fitness since Insanity.

—Shaun T


Order a T25 Challenge Pack with Shakeology, get FREE Shipping, SAVE BIG and absolutely ROCK your results in our T25 Team Triumph Challenge!!!




or order just the T25 program by itself.

When you're ready to COMMIT, post below, email me, or message me on Facebook at BRITTWEBERFITNESS. As always, don't hesitate to post questions! I love hearing from you.

Get ready to Nail It! y'all.

Coach Britt Weber



* If you are new to all this and don't already have a Team Beachbody Coach, clicking either of the above Challenge Pack links and placing your order will automatically make me, Britt Weber, your coach. Awesome! If you already have a coach who's a Team Triumph Coach, you can still use either link above and, as long as you're logged in to your account, they will get credit. Finally, if you already have a Team Beachbody Coach who is NOT a member of Team Triumph, reach out to them. I bet they have a challenge group forming that you can join! ONLY if you have no idea who your current coach is or are unhappy with him/her for some reason (I don't want/need to know why) should you consider making a "coach switch" to me. If that's something you really need to do, email me at so we can talk about it and I'll do my best to help you decide if that's the best move.

** If you already have a program but are NOT receiving monthly auto shipments of Shakeology, simply go to to place your order. Make sure you're a member of Team Triumph FIRST! (Step 1 above). Then (1) Choose your flavor (2) Choose your package...large 30 serving bag or 24 individual serving packets, (3) Choose Monthly Auto-shipments to get FREE shipping and qualify to be added to the Challenge Group.

** If you already a member of Team Triumph, already have a program -and- are currently receiving monthly auto shipments of Shakeology, first of all, you're AWESOME. You are ready to ROCK THIS! Simply skip to step 3 above. Summer will be here soon so do it NOW!

NOTE: If you have more than 30 pounds to lose, I HIGHLY recommend starting your journey with The Ultimate Reset! Get it here. It's 3 weeks of clean eating, detoxing your body in an all natural, healthy way, with NO EXERCISE. My clients who complete the program lose an average of 10 to 25 pounds in JUST 21 DAYS doing The Ultimate Reset.

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