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I’m not one to criticize gyms, the people who run them and certainly not the PTs that work in them. I’m honored to call several personal trainers my friends.

Gyms are a business. I get it. I have a membership to a gym purely for the social aspects of it and the availability of group fitness classes that enable me get out of the seclusion my basement gym and my comfort zone every once in a while.

I did my first two rounds of P90X entirely in my home gym, so the reality is that I don’t actually NEED a gym membership. It’s a luxury. Using Beachbody programs and having a gym membership do not need to be mutually exclusive. When I DO go to the gym, I’ve usually got my iPad with me and/or my P90X workout sheets and I’m DOING Beachbody workouts there…

It seems like almost every time I go to a gym, however, or I receive a blast email from one, I get frustrated. Why aren’t gyms more focused on helping people? I mean REALLY helping people for the sake of making them healthier, fitter, happier people? Want some one-on-one assistance from a trainer? Sure! That’ll be $60. Other than the personal trainers I’ve actually become friends with, I’ve never been approached by one who’s said, simply, ‘Is there anything I can do to help you?’ or ‘what are you struggling with in achieving your fitness goals? Maybe I can help’. Why is that? I’ve had gym memberships off and on for probably 20 years, and before recently I could have really used the help and guidance. Someone or something to jump start my program and help keep me motivated.

And why is it that every email I receive is focused on either getting me to spend more or to be paid to refer a friend? Case in point, the email below:

Some will say, correctly, that you can’t help someone that doesn’t want or ask to be helped. The person NEEDING the help has to ASK for it before it can be given or received. But clearly if someone’s shelling out $25 or $100 a month for a gym membership, they’ve made the first required step toward achieving a fitter healthier them, right? So where’s the phone call from the guy or lady that signed me up and made a commission on the sale asking how I’m doing? In most cases, that call never comes.

So many people are CONFUSED and UNCERTAIN about what to do NEXT once they join a gym or begin a workout program. How often do you see folks working out consistently that aren’t seeing any results? Maybe you’re one of them? The biggest issue, I believe, is that most people don’t have a plan or the proper guidance and support needed to get them on their way to success.

Again, this article is NOT about criticizing PTs. I know many awesome trainers and I hope none of them reading this will be offended in any way. I’ve used PTs from time to time in my own personal fitness journey and many are excellent. The thing I tell people, however, is that they need to get BEYOND the crutch of NEEDING someone to push them through a workout 2 or 3 times a week. Aside from the expense, which can be significant, YOU need to make exercise and eating right the foundation of your DAILY routine. This is essential to long term success and constant improvement in your fitness.

That’s where Team Beachbody and Independent Team Beachbody Coaches come in. Teambeachbody.com is an online community for fit and healthy living, and is stuffed with a virtually limitless wealth of information and support for those that seek it out. Team Beachbody Coaches provide personalized support and encouragement for FREE to anyone who asks for it. We’re always available to help you out and fit in your schedule. In fact, you have an entire community working with you in order to ensure that you succeed and you can get great diet and exercise advice.

What do I do? I recommend workouts, products and nutrition that I have personally used and gotten results with. If people choose to do what I recommend, I am here to support them, encourage them, and answer any questions that they have while going through their own fitness journey. I and the team I am a part of have helped literally thousands of people get unbelievable fitness results, and I have witnessed some pretty dramatic transformations from people using Beachbody products!

It’s free to make me your coach, and the only way I benefit is by earning a commission from any Beachbody products that you would decide to get involved with. Some do, some don’t, but I always appreciate those who do. Regardless of whether you purchase something or not, though, I will be here to support you if you make me your coach. To make me your coach, click here! If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or email me at britt@brittweberfitness.com.


Author: Coach Britt

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  1. great post Britt! I was member of a gym for years fighting to lose weight I didn’t have a single person ever come up to me and ask me if I needed help with anything. Never really thought about it till reading this.

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  2. This is so true! I had a gym membership for 1.5 years and went one time! I was never contacted or encouraged to go. Now that I use beachbody there is so much support that it is actually hard to NOT want to workout!

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