Congratulations To Our Latest Team Beachbody Challenge Winner

Most of you are familiar with our P90X Team Beachbody Challenges. They are EPIC! Large groups of men and women all with the same goal: to invest 90 days to get in the BEST SHAPE OF THEIR LIVES.  We see some of the craziest 90 day transformations you’ll ever witness.

What I love about these Challenges is that these are not people trying to enter body building competitions. These are everyday people like you and me just trying to get fit and healthy. The results truly speak for themselves. Decide, Commit, and Succeed kids!

If you remember, our first ever challenge was judged by Pam the Blam from P90X which was really cool. Well this time we asked Mark Briggs of P90X Plus and P90X2 to be our guest judge. If you don’t know who Mark is, look him up. Not only is he is a BEAST but he cares more about helping people than just about anyone you will meet!

Well the results are in and Mark has crowned our 2nd winner……. Jeffrey Cheek!

Jeffrey started at 260 lbs and in 90 little days dropped 55 lbs and 10 inches!!!!! Yep that’s right Jeff now weighs 205 lbs and isn’t stopping. Congrats Jeffrey. You truly INSPIRE us all!

A huge congratulations to our runner up Jayne Emy also! She rocked it and was a VERY close 2nd. Here are her pics and stats:

  • Start Weight:157lbs
  • Finish Weight:      130lbs
  • Inches Lost Hips:      4in
  • Inches Lost Waist:      7in
  • Start BF: 35.5%
  • Finish BF: 18.2%

If you’re ready to change your life there is no better way than joining one of our Challenge Groups. E-mail me at for details on how to get in. You will get daily nutritional and fitness advice and make lifelong friends. Oh, and you just might find that at the end of 90 days YOU are a Beachbody Success Story yourself!

Bring it!

Author: Coach Britt

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