Carolina Beats Fibromyalgia and Sjögren’s Syndrome

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Loses 30 Pounds and 90% of Her Pain in the Process

I couldn’t be prouder to introduce Team Triumph’s newest success story and coach, Carolina Sarcos Santamaria. Her Tea

m Beachbody username says it all: ‘yopuedo’ (I can!). When I met Carolina, she weighed 180 pounds and was in constant pain from fibromyalgia and Sjögren’s syndrome. Carolina is also a thyroid cancer survivor. She and I had talked for more than a year about her joining one of my challenge groups, but her health always held her back.

In January of this year she secretly committed to do P90X because she was afraid her doctors, friends and family would try to talk her out it! And she was worried she might not be able to finish…but she was determined NOT to let that happen. She pressed play and drank Shakeology, day after day, for 90 days. She had decided that if she was going to be in pain anyways, it may as well be from muscle fatigue and improvement.

Well, she was so inspired by the 15 pounds and 14 inches she lost doing P90X that she went on to join our next Challenge Group and completed Chalean Extreme, bringing her total weight loss to 30 pounds and 31 inches shed! Even more significant than how she now LOOKS is how she FEELS. Carolina is 90% PAIN FREE and her stiffness is almost completely gone. It was less than a year ago that she was feeling literally MISERABLE physically and mentally.

For Carolina, this has been a journey to recapture a quality of life she thought she’d lost forever. What an amazing success story…and she’s not even CLOSE to quitting. Her journey is just beginning.

I was really happy last week when Carolina reached out to me to ask if I thought she would make a good Team Beachbody coach? Of course(!!!) the answer was yes! She’s going to pay it forward in a big way, starting with her husband and immediate family. Welcome Carolina! 

Author: Coach Britt

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