Love Your Job! Become a Team Beachbody Coach

Love your job. Become a Team Beachbody® Coach.

Whether your passion is helping people get fit, making a little extra money, or being your own boss, becoming a Team Beachbody Coach offers unlimited opportunities.

As a Team Beachbody Coach, you get to do something you’re passionate about and make money doing it. You’ll inspire others to achieve their goals and enjoy a healthy, fulfilling life. It’s that easy. Beachbody gives you the tools, support, training—virtually everything you need—to get started and be successful.

You’re only seconds away from being rewarded for helping others get fit!  You’ll literally, get fit and get PAID!

Financial Fitness Begins Here

  • 25% Off All Products
  • Part Time or Full Time
  • Be Your Own Boss
  • No Commute
  • Very Low Cost Start-Up
  • No Inventory
  • Set Your Own Hours
  • Potential Tax Benefits
  • Your Own Personalized Websites

A Proven Success Formula

  • A Proven Business System
  • Sell Sought After National Brands Backed By Over $100 Million in Advertising
  • Targeted Training & Support
  • Lucrative Compensation Plan
  • One of the Few Health & Fitness Companies Actually Making a Difference in People’s Health

I Set You Up For Success At Day 1

  • Supportive Upline Team to Guarantee Success Right Out of the Gate
  • Comprehensive Business Starter Kit
  • Easy-to-Follow Business System
  • My PERSONAL TRAINING Links filled with information and secrets to success!
    • [your coach ID]

Benefits of Joining My Team of Coaches – Team Triumph

  • Direct access to me on a daily basis to guide you in building your business. (phone, Facebook messaging, private Facebook coach groups,  text, email)
  • Access to an upline of the company’s most successful team of Beachbody Coaches
  • A proven, duplicable system to plug into in order to maximize your growth
  • You will be joining the largest and fastest growing team within Team Beachbody
  • I will promote you and your success story on my website, – gain customers and prospects from being on this page. Free Exposure!
  • Exclusive access to our Members Only Coaches Forum where you can get connected with other coaches and grow together
  • Weekly Live National Wake-up Call (also available via Podcast) keeping you informed and caught up on aspects of Team Beachbody.
  • I will help build your downline by adding new Coaches to your team to speed up your growth 

How Does Coaching Work?

What you DO as a Coach is very rewarding, so here is all you need to BE a Coach:

  • You need to “Push Play”! If you talk the talk, you need to walk the walk and be a product of the product. Workout at least 5 times a week and drink your Shakeology every day.
  • Your job is simply to respond to questions that your customers might have via email regarding Beachbody products, programs, and nutrition, and provide them with support and encouragement. If you aren’t sure about how to answer, you’ll have me and the Coaches Forum to help you.
  • Help your customers decide which Beachbody DVD program they might want to try next or which supplement or nutritional program they might want to try. You are paid commissions on any of those purchases.
  • Build, support and encourage your own team of Coaches.

With that being said, don’t let the word “Coach” scare you. As a Coach you do not have to be:

  • A personal trainer, fitness model, bodybuilder, or a professional athlete.
  • You don’t have to have completed one of our workout programs…some of the best coaches became coaches on day one and encouraged others to come along with them on their fitness journeys.
  • All you have to have is the genuine desire to better yourself, get healthy and help others do the same. THAT’S IT!

Why I Became a Beachbody Coach:

Like I said, you don’t need to be a fitness genius or have an amazing Beachbody transformation.  Coaches come in all shapes and sizes. One thing is the same though: all coaches are passionate about our programs and products, and they take pride in helping others in need of a change!  For those close to finishing P90X or who have already finished, I’m sure you already talk about the program with everyone!  Trust me, I was there – after I finished P90X, I was talking about it all the time with everyone I ran into.  Also, after I posted my transformation pictures, I began receiving emails and questions left and right.  Of course I would answer them – I wasn’t even a Coach. Simply because I was so passionate about the program and the products, I loved to talk about them. Still do 😉

My coach really inspired me! When I originally signed up, I just did it for the discount LOL  ;-). I was buying the programs and drinking Shakeology every day, so it was worth it for me. But then one day it just hit me. I realized that I could use my passion to help others, passion for the products and programs and the urge to learn more and more about fitness to begin a new career at 43!  After about 6 months of serious coaching, developing a strong foundation of a team of great coaches, I have loads of clients I work with daily and I’m making a second income – which may one day be enough to be a full time job.  Who wouldn’t want to be able to work from home and not answer to anyone but yourself everyday!

I mean it when I say it’s really NOT  about money though. It’s about taking pride in what you truly love to do and being rewarded for your hard work. Financial gain is just a bonus added on to the real opportunity.  I would coach people even if Team Beachbody Coaches didn’t exist!  I have had such great and continuing success with these programs and my nutrition, and I enjoy spreading it to others who are in the same boat I once was!  I love to help others and show people that anything is possible with a little bit of hard work!

DON’T WORRY! You WILL Receive Support and Training

Our Training program is designed to give you “hands on” experience in learning how to present the membership and share the coaching opportunity with others.  All of our training is available online.  We conduct weekly training webinars in addition to all the support material. Step by step, someone is always there to help!

How Much Does It Cost To Start Your Business?

Okay, so you were probably dying to get to this section, right? Well then, let’s get it out of the way. Now, as you should probably know, if you begin any business, there is a start-up fee of some kind. However, what’s great about the Team Beachbody Coach program is that the startup fee is a very affordable $39.95. This fee covers your startup kit, which includes your new coach DVDs, business material, compensation plan, product catalog, and much more. The startup fee also includes your first month’s website hosting and back office expenses. After your first month, there is a recurring fee of $14.95 for your TWO provided Beachbody Coach websites and back office material that keeps all your customers/files in active order. Be sure to ask me how to get your coach start-up fee WAIVED.

As you can tell by sales images taken from the Coach’s back office, it is a breeze to make your investment back and quickly start making profit owning your business!

At this stage, you may be wondering about minimum orders and inventory. Fair enough. But how about if I told you that there is ZERO minimum order required as well as ZERO inventory? Beachbody takes care of all your orders, including tracking, shipping and customer support.

However, the Beachbody Coach program does have a personal order volume you will need to maintain in order to stay “Active”. You only need 50 personal volume (PV) points every 5 weeks or 35 days, which you can obtain in one of two ways. The first and simplest is by getting on Shakeology HD (Home Direct, aka monthly auto ship). If you’re not a product of the product, how can you recommend it to others? Shakeology is Beachbody’s most successful continuity program and it’s worth 90PV. If you’re going to take being a Coach seriously, you MUST be on Shakeology HD. Another way you earn PV is by ordering a new workout, gear or any supplements you may need during your workouts. You also earn PV through your own personal sales. When your direct customers by a product, the point value of that product counts towards your personal volume (one point is equivalent to $1.00).

Above is an example of a personal volume chart. The red line represents 50 personal volume (PV) points. You only need to achieve one 50 PV point target in a five week period. In this example, I have surpassed the 50 points (chart below), I would not need to order anything myself as my sales cover my personal volume requirement. Pretty simple, yes?

Who Is The Coach Program For?

To answer the question of whether this program is right for you, the following points indicate that the Coach Program is for:

  • Anyone looking to get in shape and gain a little extra motivation
  • Anyone looking to get discounts on Beachbody products
  • Anyone looking to help others succeed with their fitness journey
  • Already talk about their results, the programs or the products everyday
  • Want to make money while working out and helping others do so
  • Anyone who would love to earn extra income on the side

Benefits Of Joining My Team:

When you decide to become a Beachbody Coach and join my Team, you are teaming up with a successful Coach who is committed to helping you succeed yourself. Your first priority in this business needs to be your workouts and/or supplements. Where I come in is providing help for you to build your business. I will also add coaches to your business. When someone decides to join my Team, I will have them sign up under one of my Coaches and I will do the same for you. Why? Because this will grow the Team, and with successful team members comes a successful team.

I will handle the phone calls and email messages to the coaches I sponsor for you so you can focus on the workouts. I will also pass along my online business knowledge to you so you can grow you web presence. I can even help you get your very own blog set-up. My assistance is almost limitless, and will also include me placing a link to your coach website and/or blog on my site to increase your exposure. My Coaches receive hits from these links and can even generate sales from them. Hands down, this is a win-win situation.

What Does All Of This Mean?

What this means is that you need to get started and have me place coaches in your business for you. When a person contacts me about becoming a Coach and then decides to join my Team, that person will have the option of signing up under one of my personally sponsored Coaches (you). By doing this, your business will grow with me doing the work! As I mentioned before, I will handle all the emails and phone calls for you, leaving you to focus on your workouts.

What This Does For You:

This will build your business and our team of Beachbody Coaches. The first rank to reach is the level of “Emerald”. To achieve this, all you need is to identify two personally sponsored Coaches. Once you reach the level of Emerald, Beachbody will place paying customers in your business for you. Right now, Beachbody is averaging about 1-2 customers a week per Coach. Also, with me placing Coaches under you, the sales and orders made from the Coaches in your down-line will accrue points for you, which you will get paid on. Once you reach the level of Emerald, you’ll focus on becoming Ruby, then Diamond and then Star Diamond. The bigger your downline, the more you can potentially make as a Beachbody Coach


What if this doesn’t work out?

Team Beachbody offers a 30 day money back guarantee. You’re doing research now by learning about what this opportunity is all about. If you decide to invest $39.95 into your future, we believe we can provide you with a legitimate opportunity to make a living while making a difference.

However, consider this: If this were a large franchise offering an opportunity to own your own business, you might consider it. If it cost $100,000 to start, you’d have to ask yourself, “What if it doesn’t work?”. At just $39.95, most people ask themselves, “What if this DOES work?” It’s not by luck that you will succeed at this business. If you work your business as if you’ve invested $100,000, you can succeed by your efforts and the proven business model presented to you through training and support.

It is my goal for every Coach on my Team to be as successful as they want to be. As your business grows, our Team grows! I am dedicated to this business. We are in this together. If you are ready to begin this amazing business opportunity, click the button below. It will place you under one of my Coaches. I will contact you directly once you have signed up and we can begin training so you start off on the right foot!

CONTACT ME for more information or if you still have questions.


Author: Coach Britt

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