Beast Up and Build Lean Muscle with Trans-D Tropin

For anyone that’s ever tried to build muscle at the gym or at home doing workout programs like P90X, Les Mills PUMP, and now Body BEAST, you know it takes a lot of hard work, a systematic approach, including periodization to avoid plateaus, dialed-in nutrition with a calorie surplus, and the right supplementation. When I did my first round of P90X way back in 2010 I definitely got stronger, but I still prescribed to the incorrect belief that as long as I was burning a ton of calories working out, I could eat whatever I wanted. Needless to say my first round P90X results were less than “Success Story” material LOL!

When I went on to do a second round, I decided to take my nutrition VERY seriously. I was still in need of cutting a good amount of fat (I was over 15%), but my main goal was to build muscle. (This was long before I learned that you FIRST need to achieve your desired body fat percentage…or at least be within a percentage or two of it…before trying to build mass. Want to look ripped? Lose the body fat covering up the muscles!)

I was eating clean and with a calorie surplus, and added a daily chocolate Shakeology shake. Out of curiosity, I’d also read a lot about human growth hormone (HGH) as a way of building muscle and burning fat. Who hasn’t seen that picture of the old guy in the magazine ad for something-genics who looks huge and ripped? But the more I read about HGH, the less I had any interest in taking it. For me it’s about health and not just “getting ripped”, so something like HGH that had to be injected (ouch!), carried high risks, and frankly, was super expensive was definitely OFF my supplement shopping list!

I mentioned to my nutritionist at the time that I was trying to build muscle, and he suggested I look in to something called Trans-D Tropin ( In my research I learned that, essentially, Trans-D stimulates the pituitary gland to produce more growth hormone. Sounded good, right? I wouldn’t have to inject artificial hormones into my body… I could use something that would trigger my own body to produce more of its own growth hormone. Cool! I read that Trans-D had all kinds of crazy benefits, from more restful sleep due to increased REM sleep (good for muscle recovery), to decreased body fat with improved body contour, increases in lean body (muscle) mass, physical strength and performance, decreased recovery time, and improved stamina and endurance. The list went on and on.

I was a little intimidated by the cost. It wasn’t cheap, but also not nearly as expensive as going to a doctor and taking HGH. Trans-D goes for $195.00 for the first month…$165 each month thereafter. I decided to make the commitment and take it for just one 90 day round of P90X. During this “bulking” round of P90X I was able to successfully gain 10 pounds while maintaining (actually, slightly decreasing) my body fat percentage. That meant I basically gained 10 pounds of muscle in 90 days exercising intensely, eating a calorie surplus and taking Trans-D Tropin. I can’t say it was ALL the Trans-D, but I do believe it had a strong impact in combination with everything else I was doing.

I’m writing this review now as I look to start Body BEAST and am thinking about all of my friends and fellow workout crazies looking to do “whatever it takes” to get as big and ripped as possible in 90 days! If you’re looking for an additional edge for your training, this may be worth looking at. But please do your own research. Talk to you doctor or nutritionist. Read through the website and the testimonials for yourself. Be informed. My referral link is Go here to learn more and, if you decide to, to order it.

In the spirit full disclosure (…because I’m not a fan of when people pretend to give advice on something they benefit from when you purchase it and don’t TELL you about it up front…), this link works pretty much just like you get (or give) as a Team Beachbody Coach in that Trans-D pays a referral commission. Using the 7370 code at checkout WILL save you 20% on your initial purchase, knocking the price down from $195.00 to $156.00. You can skip the referral code and the discount if you like…it’s totally up to you and I won’t be offended. I’m NOT sharing my experience just to make a couple of bucks LOL.

As for whether or not I plan to use Trans-D during my round of Body BEAST? I haven’t decided. I’ve evolved my knowledge of fitness and nutrition significantly in the last year and a half, and at 45 I’m not as obsessed with getting really big and ripped as I once was (…especially when I was fat and had no muscle!). My focus now is centered around my own functional fitness over simply just getting bigger. On “natural” superfoods and tonics over synthetics. I am planning to use the BEAST Stack of supplements from Beachbody during this round for sure! Good luck guys! I hope this is helpful, and if you try it, let me know how it works out for you. Regardless, get ready to Beast-up! and do “whatever it takes”.

To your good health!

Coach Britt

Author: Coach Britt

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